Finally! Demeter is back somewhere I can buy it!

Found it in a largish Boots today, just walked past and there it was… The Jasmine one called out to me, although there are a few other retailers offering jasmine offerings now, back 5 years ago it seemed to be just Demeter and Jo Malone! I like the Lush Lust, and the Body Shop also have a nice smelling Jasmine thingy. I should still be boycotting them, but they do a decent ‘for greasy hair’ shampoo where I struggle to find one.


I used to go into Liberty just to smell all the lovely different smells, dirt is quite a fun one, and I would have bought the G+T one but my mum hates it so I figured that would be just cruel to wear it around her!

Available for £15 from Boots stores or here online – currently 2 for £25 online!  darn it


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