Temporary tattoos

I’m an indecisive wuss, so I quite like playing about with little temporary tattoos. There are so many lovely ones around now, and they could quite easily pass as your own actual tattoo.

My love for them started by me seeing this set in a gift guide

Ink’d (con)temporary tattoos

I love these little gold ones from Tattly
little gold tattoos

I have these for my 5 year old who is obsessed with care bears on pop/tiny pop? makes me wish i’d hung on to my care bears from the 80s!

care bears tattoos
care bear tattoos link goes to truffle shuffle, but i got mine from sainsburys!

I got a set for really cheap from Boots in the sale after christmas



and here i am modelling a moustache


Bum Bag lust

I know, the title is off-putting, but bear with me

While browsing Cath Kidston (because why wouldn’t i just spend ALL MY FREE TIME doing that anyway) spotted a bum bag! A spotty bum bag… which led me to the one I actually want


Clouds bum bag £28

The spotty one is pretty too, but aw clouds…


I am worried that bum bags are just a step too far, but oh gosh it would be so practical… in the 80s we only really needed a little purse with some cash in it, you wouldn’t use card everywhere like you do now, no mobile phone etc. Now it would be so practical to have a little bag with the essentials in, strapped to you rather than hanging around… So, it appears I have sold this to myself, but can I face the shame of wearing it out and about? Or, as Cath Kidston is making them, are these becoming acceptable again? I for one hope so!