White Chocolate Advent Calendars 2017 UK


Christmas is fast approaching, and I wanted to do a little round-up of white choccy advent calendars.  I struggle because I can’t have much milk chocolate, cocoa solids seem to give me a migraine. White chocolate doesn’t seem to have the same effect, with lots of it just being cocoa butter with sugar and milk.  So, every year if I want to be a giant child (which I do) and have an advent calendar I usually have to opt for “what is at Sainsbury’s”, which invariably is Milkybar.  It is a bit saddening to have to resort to Nestle where I try and avoid their products generally due to their bad practices with regards to baby milk and water.  This is especially sad at Sainsbury’s, where their white chocolate offerings are pretty great – their own brand White Chocolate Wholenut bar is my favourite chocolate ever, and they also have Montezuma White chocolate Buttons!




photo taken from kev’s snack reviews, although i can’t find the review!

So, on with the advent calendars!

Hotel Chocolat

The Chocolate Advent Calendar – White £12.50


How adorable is this!  Cute little shapes, and proper shapes rather than a flat little disc that you can barely make out.  Always love Hotel Chocolat, and it’s nice as it’s a local firm to me!  Tasty and ethical chocolate, this would be a lovely gift.  I like the ‘book’ shape of it too.  For gifts for christmas, their wreath looks great too!


Organic Milk & White Chocolate Kids Advent Calendar £8.99


Not just white, but a mix if you have a willing partner to share with if you really don’t want to eat the milk ones.


another version available at John Lewis – yay llamas!


White Chocolate Snowman Advent Calendar £5


This is a sweet one, but not currently in stock which is a shame!


Hershey’s Kisses Cookies and Creme £13


I know not everyone is keen on Hershey’s but I do enjoy cookies ‘n’ creme!  this is so cute


Premium Vegan White Chocolate Advent Calendar from Germany £9.99


Exciting to find a vegan one!  I love the picture here, how fun




If you really can’t find a ready made one you like, this little drawer one from John Lewis is adorable for £10





When I grow up…

I am currently subscribed to a ‘blog ideas’ email called “The Daily Post“, and the latest one is asking you to think about what you wanted to be when you grew up.

My first thought goes to Accountancy.  What a glamorous child I was, thinking that when I grew up I should be an Accountant.  Maybe I got confused by this

But no!   I always enjoyed maths, and knew that it was my strength.  Taking columns of numbers and making them make sense was always pleasing to me.  I am wondering what I want to do once the kids are older, and my thoughts are returning to retraining.  I have already done one qualification, but as September approaches I’m wondering whether to do the next stage of that.  My job is requiring me to do more financial admin, so that is useful experience.

When I started writing this post I got this song in my head from Matilda the Musical.

Tell me what you wanted to be!